I'm Hungry
Never forget.

Never forget.

So I saw the Comedy Evaluator Pro in the documentary I Am Comic and decided I’m going to check out the two videos I have and see where I rank.  According to the Comedy Evaluator Pro, I’m pretty good.  The first show case says I’m headline material.  The second one is a respectable score as well.  Whats funny is the jokes that got laughs (which are shown in green on the bar) are the ones I’ve decided to keep, and the ones that didn’t are the ones I haven’t been doing on the open mics. 

I combined the Tuesday and Wednesday night Open Mics because even though I went to two different open mics on Tuesday I didn’t actually perform.

woo who! Great Random Find!

woo who! Great Random Find!

Here is a bit from my first showcase about the Prince William Bachelor party.  I don’t know why Tumblr wouldn’t let me upload it on to the site, so I put it on youtube. 

Here is a clip from my second showcase.  I’m talking about airport security and all the good times I have going through it.

The Liquid Zoo is my new favorite Open Mic spot in the Valley.

Ah, finally a decent open mic set. 

I started blogging after every set and every open mic I do.

I have decided I am going to blog about my experiences on this journey in stand up comedy.

I did not realize that today was the 3rd anniversary of a viral video that Sean Gillen, Jeff Loughridge and I created.  Werewolves in Space.  We picked up steam at the beginning but for some reason we got bored with it.  Perhaps we’ll make it a movie someday.

This is my first post!  I took a clip from my Stand Up and put it up here.  Stay tuned for more of my comedy and more of stuff I find amusing.